Kevin E. Foley publisher, Gordon Stewart, has announced the appointment of Kevin E. Foley as new managing editor. Foley assumes responsibility immediately for the editorial content and operation of the website. He will report to Stewart. All other assignments at the website remain the same.

Foley, a reporter for the website since January 2011, has previously written about Philipstown matters for the PCNR. He has a communications background in politics, government, business and community journalism. He lives, with his wife Mary Anne Myers, in Nelsonville.

Photo by L.S. Armstrong

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  1. Congratulations. Foley brings to the table a stong background in publishing, government, politics, and the financial services industry. With his deep knowledge of literature, film and music, he is also well positioned to serve the area’s flourishing arts community. An insightful move!

  2. I’ve known Foley for quite a few years and have always admired his dedication to high quality journalistic work, his sound ethics and deft touch with people. Good choice!

  3. certainly achieved a coup by snagging K. Foley to be its managing editor. I know of his fine work in government, communications and journalism. His talents and integrity will make for a really great addition to an already enjoyable and informative website. Good going Gordon!

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