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We’re baaaccckkkk

Regular readers will have noticed that went dark on Wednesday, Sept. 7. The reason was a problem with our host server, who had lost our data. The situation has been resolved and we do not (keeping our fingers crossed) anticipate any more down-time.
Now posted is Remembering 9-11, describing memorial events in Philipstown. On Sunday, Sept. 11 we will be posting video interviews with local residents who were at the twin towers or otherwise directly connected to the event and its aftermath.
On a less somber note, please read Mike Turton’s report on the recent Town of Philipstown board meeting to discuss reinstatement of the “historic overlay” district to the recently enacted zoning codes. The overlay would cover over 30 historic sites, including Osborn Castle, which was the bone of contention at the meeting.
Also posted is Liz Armstrong’s report on last Tuesday’s (Sept. 6) Cold Spring Village Board Meeting where the board voted to approve a resolution acknowledging Cold Spring Fire Company No. 1 (CSFC) to be independent of village government supervision. The CSFC and village board have recently been sparring over the precise nature of their mutual relationship.

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  1. I was most concerned about the apparent hijacking of your website. Iam so gald you are back on-line.