Garrison Students Celebrate the Year of the Dragon

Addie Westerhuis (L) and Caitlin McCullough stand below banner they designed.

Chinese New Year began Jan. 23 

In celebration of Chinese New Year, the breezeway of the Garrison Union Free School (GUFS) is a splash of vibrant colors, fantastic dragons and beautiful paper lanterns. During library time, with the help of 5th grade teacher Debbie Earle and an art class, under the supervision of Coulter Young, many Garrison students learned about Chinese history and culture and created their own works of art, inspired by the traditions of the Chinese holiday. Chinese New Year is a 15-day cultural celebration celebrating the end of the winter season and the transition into spring. 2012 is considered the Year of the Water Dragon. This year, Chinese New Year began on January 23 and will end on February 7.

The last day of Chinese New Year celebrations includes a lantern festival when candles and lanterns are lit to guide wayward spirits back home. Kindergarteners created colorful paper lanterns of their own in their classroom and in Coulter’s art class, 5th and 7th graders decorated rice paper lanterns with traditional symbols and imagery.

Admiring the artwork in the front entry, Garrison School Principal Stephanie Impellittiere shared her thoughts on the holiday: “With such rich folklore, traditions and mythology to explore, the Chinese New Year is a fun addition to our curriculum. Our students really enjoyed participating in the holiday while making some beautiful works of cultural art.”
Photo courtesy of GUFS

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