Empty School Buses; Empty Classrooms

By John Benjamin

Its the school bus pounding up and down Avery Rd. twice a day…empty but for a dozen or so, with a capacity of about 50…The bus epitomizes whats happening with our School here in Garrison…simply speaking we’re driving a gas guzzling, 450 H.P, V-8 when the rest of the world is getting 40 mpg. in their hybrid.

We’ve created a school system that is overblown and top heavy. ..too expensive to run, too inefficient to downsize. As our K-8 enrollment has dropped 20 % in the last few years, our budget continues its alarming rise, doubling in the last fifteen years. Perhaps young families are no longer buying homes here. Have the demographics so radically changed as the costs of home ownership no longer allow for “the American Dream’?

Where have all the children gone?



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