Listen Up: Brush Fires Serious Threat

Garrison Fire Co. issues warning amidst additional debris from previous storms

“As we head back into warmer temperatures and the rains recede, brush fires may become a threat,” said Garrison Fire Co. official Michael Del Monte in an email to  “The threat is a little worse than usual this year because storms like Irene and the Halloween blizzard knocked down a lot of trees, branches, and loose material that has already dried and become easily ignited fuel,” he continued.

Del Monte, whose company covers a wide of swath of town woodlands, offered a list of things homeowners can do to protect their families and structures and limit the spread of fires.

Ten + one tips to protect your home from brush fires

  • Maintain a 30-foot buffer between your home and dense vegetation.
  • Ensure fencing is in good condition.
  • Remove dead or overhanging branches around your home.
  • Keep tree limbs pruned 6 – 10 feet off the ground.
  • Regularly prune shrubs and brushes.
  • Keep your yard mowed and clear of tall, dry grass.
  • Keep your yard and gutters clear of leaves and pine straw.
  • Promptly dispose of cuttings and debris.
  • Install spark arrestors on chimneys.
  • Keep firewood away from your home and other structures.
  • Build your driveway 14 feet wide to accommodate firefighting vehicles.

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