Goodbye and Thanks

Dear Editor,

In the many years Joe Curto served on Haldane’s Board of Education, I sent him hundreds of emails.

He answered every one.

I asked him for several meetings.

He agreed to meet for every one.

I made dozens of comments and asked him dozens of questions.

He listened, and he answered every one.

He did his homework, and he came prepared to every meeting and every discussion.

He shared his honest opinions, he shared information, and he pointed me to relevant research resources.

Joe Curto did his job as Haldane School Board Trustee better than anyone should be expected to do, and did so with his characteristic efficiency, positive attitude, willingness to work hard, clear thinking and a sense of fairness.

I sure wish we could clone him.

Best wishes, Joe, and thanks for a job very well done.

Julia Famularo

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