Decorated bikes at Community Day 2011; photo: L.S.Armstrong

July 4th schedule of events

3:00 p.m.      Parade starts on Chestnut Street by Chestnut Ridge Apartments and proceeds down Main Street to the bandstand

3:50 p.m.      Opening announcements

3:55 p.m.      Donald MacDonald, town historian, honored at the bandstand

4:00 p.m.      Bicycle decorating contest

4:10 p.m.      Hudson Valley Shakespeare to perform on the dock

4:25 p.m.      Hudson Valley Dance Studio to perform on the dock

4:30 p.m.     ​​Reading of the Declaration of Independence

4:35 p.m.     Jason Gisser (funky acoustic soul rock) performing at bandstand

At Dockside Park

3:30-7:30 p.m.       ​Tsunami water slide

5-10 p.m.                Music

      • Purple Kniff
      • Walrus
      • Work of the Weavers
      • Six Stories Told
      • The Grand Slambovians

9 p.m.                  Fireworks


Cold Spring Lions Club      Beer and wine booth
Friends of Philipstown        Food
Haldance Football Accoc.  Cold drinks
Girl Scouts                         Cold drinks
Go-Go Pops                       Fruit pops
Cupp-o-ccino                      Ice cream, cold drinks
Fresh from Vermont           Maple syrup, marmalade, jam
Todd Doria                         Homemade kettle corn
Christian Bach                    Handmade jewelry
Air Brush Tatoos                Tattoos for kids
Roaming Railroad              Rides for kids

50/50 Raffle

Other kids’ games expected


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  1. The fireworks were truly awesome, thank you! And the light show in the heavens above was pretty amazing too! What an evening!

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