Recommends mass transit, taxis, and designated drivers

Putnam County Sheriff Donald B. Smith reports that his department is preparing to usher in 2013 by increasing uniformed marked patrols and stepped-up enforcement during the New Year’s Eve celebration period.

The sheriff urges the public not to drink and drive, saying: “Law enforcement agencies throughout Putnam County will be implementing measures to ensure that motorists and residents enjoy a safe holiday weekend. We have taken added security precautions, as well as beefing up patrols to enforce traffic safety.

Those driving while intoxicated jeopardize their lives, the lives of others, their driving privileges in New York state, and may face harsh legal penalties if convicted. These convictions may result in a loss of license, a jail term, a fine and possible seizure of the owner’s motor vehicle. Even worse is the potential of a DWI crash resulting in severe injuries and the loss of innocent lives.”

If people must travel, Smith suggests using mass transit or taxi cabs or having a sober designated driver to get to their destinations safely.

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