Water-Main Lining Project to Resume Soon

Residents may be required to provide access to water meters

The Village of Cold Spring and Mainlining Services, Inc. (MSI) announced Wednesday, April 3, that they will resume work to clean and cement-line water mains along Fishkill Road and Main Street, down to the railroad tracks in the village, to improve water quality and fire-flow deliveries in the water system. This work, started last year, will be completed this coming spring.

In the next few weeks, MSI field crews will be laying temporary bypass piping in the village in preparation for the cleaning and lining process. This pipe is only temporary and will be utilized to service all customers along the route of the piping to be cleaned and lined. Once the temporary piping has been installed and has been pressure-tested and disinfected, buildings will be hooked up to the temporary main.

Once the mains have been cleaned and cement-lined, buildings will be reconnected to the village mains and this temporary piping will be removed. MSI will be working closely with the Village of Cold Spring Water Department during this process. These temporary service connections are usually done through an outside hose bib. However, in some instances, they might need access to water meters in order to make these temporary connections. Any telephone numbers including cellphone and work phone numbers where they can get a hold of residents in case of this would be greatly appreciated; they will try to give as much notification as possible when this might be required.

All field personnel will be carrying photo ID. Any questions or comments, please contact:

MSI Superintendent William Knarr
Monday-Friday 7 a.m. – 5 p.m.

MSI Foreman Daniel Royce
Weekends/afterhours 5 p.m. – 7 a.m.

Village Clerk Mary Saari

Water/Wastewater Superintendent Greg Phillips

Cold Spring Police Department
845-265-3407 or 845-265-9551

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