Constitution Marsh Party Celebrates Work With Newburgh School May 5

Annual spring cocktail party to take place in Garrison

The Audubon staff at Constitution Marsh Sanctuary and Center is always looking for ways to extend their reach into nearby underserved communities along the Hudson River. Newburgh and Garrison are only 9 miles from one another, but, in some ways, they are worlds apart. For the past two years, marsh staff has been partnering with the San Miguel Academy in Newburgh to bring experiential science-based programming to its students.

Photo courtesy of Constitution Marsh

Photo courtesy of Constitution Marsh

On Sunday, May 5, from 4 to 7 p.m., these two worlds will meet when the Marsh Advisory Board hosts its annual spring cocktail party in Garrison to benefit the marsh. The annual fundraising party provides funds for education and stewardship programs. The Marsh Advisory Board is giving special recognition to this new innovative program collaboration. The Rev. Mark Connell, president of the San Miguel Academy, will be the keynote speaker and will highlight the success of both the academy and this new program.

San Miguel Academy of Newburgh is a tuition-free middle school for boys from underserved families residing in Newburgh. Economically deprived minority males graduate at an alarmingly low rate of less than 30 percent from the local public high school. Testing indicates that many of the students have deficits in their vocabulary because of second language issues and/or insufficiencies in life experiences. At the academy the focus is on educational achievement and character development empowering each student to achieve his very best.

The program includes visits to both the marsh and the Museum of the Hudson Highlands, which is also partnering in this effort to implement conservation activities within the home communities of the students. They will learn about birds and other wildlife that are at risk and use urbanized landscapes (such as chimney swifts) and develop ideas about how to take action and help them.

For more information and details on attending the benefit party, phone Constitution Marsh Audubon Center and Sanctuary at 845-265-2601 and speak with Eric Lind or Rebecca Schultz.

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