First Presbyterian Church Welcomes New Members

Confirmation class participated in Midnight Run and Sunday service

The First Presbyterian Church of Philipstown in Cold Spring welcomed new confirmation class members Claire Reid, left, Allie LaRocco and Jocelyn Lane, with Rev. Leslie Mott on May 19. Photo courtesy of First Presbyterian

Claire Reid, left, Allie LaRocco and Jocelyn Lane, with Rev. Leslie Mott

The First Presbyterian Church of Philipstown in Cold Spring welcomed three new members of the confirmation class on Sunday, May 19: Claire Reid, Allie LaRocco and Jocelyn Lane.

These young women participated in a confirmation class led by Rev. Leslie Mott along with Pat and Gordon Hubbard. The class included many experiences, such as a Midnight Run taking food and clothing to homeless people in NYC, and planning and leading the worship service this past Sunday.

The worship service included brief film clips from Les Miserables, which illustrated the concepts of forgiveness, redemption and God’s grace. Also participating in the Sunday Service were youth group members Julie Geller and Molly Reid.

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