Three Cruise Boats Dock at Cold Spring; Officials Expected One

Village collects additional fees from unexpected, but not unwelcome, visitors

By Michael Turton

Last Saturday and Sunday, three large cruise boats docked at Cold Spring. Businesses welcomed hundreds of visitors to an already busy Main Street. The boats however, raised two dock-related issues. SeaStreak LLC included only one boat on its docking application for both days and paid the $2-per-foot fee on that basis.

Cruise boats brought hundreds of visitors to Cold Spring last weekend, giving Main Street businesses a shot in the arm.

Cruise boats brought hundreds of visitors to Cold Spring last weekend, giving Main Street businesses a shot in the arm (photo by M. Turton)

Village officials were surprised to see three boats arrive at the same time both days. Deputy Mayor Bruce Campbell spoke with the lead captain. As a result the village collected additional fees. When the boats arrived, the 140-foot SeaStreak tied to the west end of the dock. The other two boats rafted against the SeaStreak, creating a three-vessel-deep “raft.”

Passengers on the third boat walked across the other two vessels to get ashore. A calm Hudson River allowed smooth docking. Campbell told The Paper that the village will consult with an engineer to ensure the dock and bollards can handle large boats rafting in that manner, especially when waters are rough. The Village Board recently discussed the need for more comprehensive docking plans and procedures.

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