Cold-to-warm swings cited

Citing swings in temperature from below freezing cold to spring-like near balminess in the last few days, Philipstown Highway Superintendent Roger Chirico has warned motorists to beware of hazardous road conditions. In an undated message posted on the Philipstown government website, Chirico asked “all residents when traveling to be cautious and please be patient.”

Potholes along Fishkill Road in Nelsonville  Photo by Kevin E. Foley
Potholes along Fishkill Road in Nelsonville — Photo by Kevin E. Foley

“Fluctuation in temperatures and the 20-inches-plus of snow have had an effect,” Chirico said. “The warming temperatures have created potholes and mud” and “with the cold temperatures all this turns to ice making for hazardous conditions. Highway crews have been out literally around the clock, opening drains and widening the roads,” when not otherwise occupied by sanding and salting the surfaces, he said. “We also have hired outside contractors and rented equipment to assist us in snow removal.”

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