New program features in-school and on-site experiences

Boscobel House & Gardens has launched a new Education Outreach Program. Boscobel has hired Museum Educator Lisa DiMarzo in a campaign to strengthen ties with area schools and provide more teaching opportunities.

Lisa DiMarzo, Boscobel’s Museum Educator, presents Boscobel’s in-school program to students.
Lisa DiMarzo, Boscobel’s Museum Educator, presents Boscobel’s in-school program to students.

One of the Hudson Valley’s most noted museum educators for children and families, DiMarzo’s inspired, interactive programs are synonymous with fun, whatever the topic. She holds a master’s degree in childhood education from Queens College and has more than a decade of experience teaching at the region’s museums, nature centers and schools.

DiMarzo will oversee both the in-school and on-site educational programs at Boscobel. Each program will provide teachers and students with an opportunity to engage in a wide range of topics including economic and social history, art appreciation, historical and contemporary environmental issues and more.

Programs at Boscobel are in line with Common Core and the New York State Learning Standards for Social Studies and are appropriate for both classroom and homeschool teachers.

Steven Miller, Boscobel’s executive director states: “Boscobel’s new education program is dedicated to bringing hands-on educational teaching opportunities to students with in-school programs, as well as field trips to breathtaking Boscobel itself for unique, interactive experiences … and memories that will last a lifetime.”

Students on a field trip to Boscobel enjoy sitting around the 12-foot, interactive floor map.
Students on a field trip to Boscobel enjoy sitting around the 12-foot, interactive floor map.

On-site programming utilizes the 30-minute Station Rotation concept. Teachers choose from a menu of themed, guided activities to compose a four-themed schedule lasting up to two hours. DiMarzo focuses on activities in an age-appropriate manner which affords a high level of student engagement. Thematic activities include Boscobel Mansion Tour, Primary Sources (Documents and Artifacts), Nature and Landscape, Quill It, Games of the Early 19th Century and Patriots and Loyalists.

In-school programing, or “Museum on the Road,” uses museum artifacts and reproductions to teach. DiMarzo visits schools with a presentation designed to offer students a unique, interactive education program which encourages a hands-on, minds-on experience through the examination of historic objects — a practice that provides an entertaining exploration of the sciences, arts and humanities. Two programs will be offered: “Patriots and Loyalists” which includes role-playing activities and a 12-foot floor map and “Now and Long Ago” which is still in development.

For more information visit or contact Boscobel’s Museum Educator Lisa DiMarzo at [email protected] or by calling 845.265.3638 x140.

Map image courtesy New York State Department of Environmental Conservation.

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