Part of Commercial Energy Efficient Lighting Program

Central Hudson Gas & Electric has expanded its commercial energy efficient lighting program to include exterior LED replacement pole lighting for commercial business and non-residential applications, such as parking lots, building campuses and similar open spaces. Central Hudson provides an incentive up to 70 percent of the total project cost for qualifying commercial customers who replace older, inefficient outdoor lighting with new LED technology.

“Exterior LED pole lighting provides high-quality outdoor illumination at a fraction of the cost of conventional lighting systems,” said Brian Dimisko, Central Hudson’s Manager of Energy Efficiency and Natural Gas Marketing. “Since 2011 we have completed more than 3,000 lighting upgrades for our business and non-residential customers, and the addition of new LED technology to replace existing outdoor pole mounted lighting fixtures will add a valuable option to help our customers save even more. Businesses can save thousands of dollars when they switch to energy efficient lighting, so now is the time to take advantage of our program.”

He added that to date, efficient lighting has saved participants more than 28 million kilowatt-hours of electricity annually, reducing their combined energy bills by more than $2.4 million each year.

Businesses, municipalities, schools, not-for-profit organizations, institutions and other non-residential customers served by Central Hudson may participate in the utility’s turn-key commercial lighting program. Lime Energy, Central Hudson’s program partner, will conduct a free, no-obligation lighting assessment and provide a comprehensive report on recommended measures, installation costs, rebates and estimated payback, which averages less than two years.

“Lime Energy handles all of the paperwork and customers can cover the remainder with a convenient extended payment plan, interest free for up to 24 months,” said Dimisko. Measures include updating fluorescent fixtures, ballasts and lamps; interior and exterior LED lighting; and other energy efficient lighting improvements. The new exterior LED pole lighting option is open to all new and former program participants.

“LED technology can drive substantial operating cost reductions because of its significant reductions in energy usage and maintenance costs that result from the longer life when compared to traditional high-intensity discharge (HID) lighting systems,” said Adam Procell, President and CEO of Lime Energy. “LED technology can also provide better illumination, which can increase safety for the employees and customers of Hudson Valley businesses, municipalities and other organizations.”

Funding for the program is limited, and availability is on a first-come, first-served basis. For more information, visit, or call 855-236-4832.

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