Letter: Vote Peter Henderson in Haldane Board Race

Tuesday, May 20, is the election for one seat on the five-member Haldane Board of Education. I am encouraging you to support the current Vice President of the Board, Peter Henderson.

I was president of the board back in January 2012 when we appointed Peter to replace Dave Merandy, who resigned due to his election to the Town Board. At the time we were looking for someone who could step right in and who had a strong working knowledge of the school district. As any current or past Board of Education member will tell you, serving in this role is unlike any other. The job requires you to be a superb listener, possess an ability to grasp complex verbal and written information and then take that information to come to a consensus with fellow board members.

An effective BOE is one that works collaboratively and recognizes the different moving parts that make up a school community. Peter has all of these abilities and then some. He’s sometimes labeled as a “numbers guy,” a role every board cherishes. Typically, board members run from this role. Peter embraces it.

In today’s world of tax caps, restrictive funding sources and unfunded mandates this role is invaluable. Peter isn’t just an Excel guy. He understands there are solid people and programs behind the numbers and the decision-making needs to be comprehensive. He asks excellent questions and does extensive homework prior to every meeting, inside and outside of the boardroom.

This current year Peter has served as vice president of the board and I know, from our many conversations, he’s learned an enormous amount about process and moving a cumbersome system we call “public education” forward. Peter has earned our support, if given the opportunity to serve another term, will represent our interests with intelligence and class. Please support Peter on May 20 in the Haldane School BOE election.

Joe Curto
Former president of Haldane Board of Education
Cold Spring

One thought on “Letter: Vote Peter Henderson in Haldane Board Race

  1. I agree with Joe’s assessment of Peter Henderson’s unique value to Haldane’s School Board. His energy and work ethic are evident. And I appreciate his willingness to review new policies and analyze them for the Board (and the public), putting them in a meaningful context. He has been a dedicated Trustee, and I hope voters will re-elect him on May 20.