Hudson Valley Center for Contemporary Art continues its Acting Out series

The Hudson Valley Center for Contemporary Art announces its third segment of its Acting Out series. The performance includes Flights of Fancy Schmancy by Bob Zaslow and Coni Koepfinger’s Turbulence aka Ups and Downs. These one-act plays will be performed Friday, July 11, at 8 p.m. and at 5 p.m. on Sunday, July 13.

Bob Zaslow
Bob Zaslow

Flights of Fancy Schmancy is a send-up of performance art complete with music. Presenting Me 1 and Me 2, two artists who say they leave their art up to you, and yet Me 1 and Me 2 struggle not only about the meaning of art, but who really defines that meaning. Fancy Schmancy explores the making of performance art, the merging of self with art and with the other. Zaslow’s performance will occur in front of Jeffrey Schrier’s installation Unfinished Flight.

Zaslow is a published and produced playwright and author. His most recent play, The Seed of Abraham, was performed Off-Broadway at the Bleecker Street Theatre.

Coni Koepfinger
Coni Koepfinger

Turbulence is the story of an emotional, bipolar artist who is stuck on a metaphoric elevator that never allows her to access the placid reality of linear time. Sophia, surrounded by her work, speaks to a metal sculpture as if it were her unresponsive spouse and her equally unresponsive therapist. Through her, we explore the emotional ups and downs that artists go through when they feel they are not being heard — or seen.

The play, inspired by Thomas Zipp’s work, which juxtaposes a figurative sculpture with a painting of rigid lines and repeated patterns defines how Sophia sees the world … as a constrictively designed structure she must somehow, someway fit herself into or escape from.

Koepfinger is a prolific playwright and librettist.

HVCCA is located 1701 Main St., Peekskill. Visit for details.

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