Summer programs continue through August

The Taconic Outdoor Education Center recently sponsored its first summer public family nature program — World Wildlife — at Fahnestock’s Hubbard Lodge. The presentation introduced participants to the important obligation, responsibility and accountability questions associated with exotic and non-native wildlife pets.

Chris Evers, director and founder of Animal Embassy of Stamford, Connecticut, brought a number of fascinating animals from around the world, which were rescued and adopted from unsuitable circumstances in the tri-state region.

Unlike traditional pets, Evers noted that the animals he brought require special treatment regarding shelter, food, time commitments, and space, and are best adapted to the weather and special circumstance of their native lands.

World Wildlife — Photo courtesy of TOEC
World Wildlife — Photo courtesy of TOEC

Evers conveyed an important message about the life-long responsibility and legitimacy of acquiring wild animals for pets with thought to the long-term welfare of the animal. As an example, the red-footed tortoise can live to be over 150 years of age.

He stressed the point that all these critters were once family pets, and are native to other parts of the world, but how they were often released into the wild when the pet owners became overwhelmed. One interesting story highlighted how Rain, the green iguana, was captured from high in a tree in Bridgeport, Connecticut, right before an early season snowstorm that would have ended his life.

Other Hubbard Lodge programs planned for the summer include:

July 26 — 8 to 10 p.m., Lamp Post Critters: Have you ever wondered why winged critters are attracted to lights around your home? Join Naturalist Charlie Roberto for a peek into the nocturnal and secretive life of moths. This activity starts indoors and then heads outside in search of common moths found in your neighborhood. Flashlights are welcome but their use will be restricted during the program. Suggested donation, adults $3, kids $2.

August 2 —11 a.m. to 2 p.m., Secret Life of Toadstools

August 23 — 6 to 7 p.m., Wolves in New York – Fact or Fiction?

The Hubbard Lodge address is 2920 Route 9, Cold Spring. The Lodge is in close proximity to the Route 9 and Route 301 intersection. It is situated off Route 9 about ¼ mile from the traffic light. Watch for the sign on the east side of Route 9.

For program, directions or inclement weather event challenges — call 845-265-3773 or 845-225-7207.

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