Performers Herald The Beacon’s 80th Anniversary Aug. 2

World renowned, award-winning musicians will herald the 80th anniversary of the opening of The Beacon on Saturday, Aug. 2.

Entitled This is Jazz … This is not Jazz, the 8 p.m. program on the main stage of The Beacon Theatre, 445 Main St., in Beacon, will include fine art videos by artists who have exhibited their works worldwide.

Beacon Theatre logoIt’s all designed to support The Beacon’s “$80K in 80 Days” campaign. “We want to recognize the founding of this magnificent theatre and raise the necessary funds to take the theatre to the next stage prior to the new season,” said Pat Manning, president of the board of directors of 4th Wall Productions and The Beacon.

Lead Fender guitarist Chris Crocco and five-time music award winning drummer Ian Froman will perform as a live duo in two 45-minute sessions in the jazz event. Crocco and Froman both graduated from Berklee College of Music in Boston, the premier jazz academic institution.

Two background screens with fine art video will complement the performances. The first is an abstract of Beacon produced by Zac Skinner. The second video is by fine artist Jayoung Yoon, which will show water, land, and person in a serene yet captivating environment.

To purchase tickets or contribute to the 80 in 80 Campaign, visit The Beacon, 445 Main St., or online at

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