I urge all my fellow Democrats and all those who believe in government as an effective tool for progress to vote for our outstanding local candidates: Sean Patrick Maloney for Congress, Terry Gipson for state senate and Lithgow Osborne for county clerk.

Sean has shown himself to be particularly adept at working with Republicans and in strongly representing this (his) town, county and district in Congress. During less than two years in office, he has sponsored 13 bills, three of which have become law, including dam and railroad safety and effective Sandy aid, compared to 0 laws for Nan, who voted to withhold Irene aid until other budget items were cut.

Terry is an exceptionally effective and conscientious senator. He is fighting against fracking in the state, bolstering the strength of the pension system and making sure women’s freedom of choice remains the law in New York regardless of changes in the Supreme Court. His opponent espouses extreme positions; in fact, she believes that school financing is an unfunded mandate — unlike Terry, who is working to rationalize school funding.

And Lithgow, a longtime hometown neighbor, cares deeply about, and will set about improving, the functioning of a county office that has been sadly neglected for years. He plans to bring the county clerk’s office into the 21st century with e-filing and an expanded website.

Don’t stay home on Nov. 4. Your vote is crucial.

Stan Lovenworth
Cold Spring

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One reply on “Letter: Democrats, Vote Nov. 4!”

  1. Those of us who have participated in our Congressman’s Telephone Town Halls have witnessed firsthand the enduring care and concern Sean Patrick Maloney shows to his constituents. And he backs his words up with action, bringing resources back to the Hudson Valley in the form of federal dollars for infrastructure and to fight the scourge of illegal drugs.

    Philipstown residents may recall that Senator Terry Gipson also hit the ground running in his first days in office in 2013. I am sure many folks will recall how, just a few weeks into his job, he visited with the Haldane School Board to hear its frustration in meeting a budget with dwindling state support. Senator Gipson brought state dollars back to Haldane when the school district really needed it.

    Lithgow Osborne’s energy, integrity and steady commitment to public service has been amply demonstrated during his campaign. I am confident that supporting Lithgow, Terry and Sean is a vote for excellence in government.

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