Beacon Underground Film Festival Returns Nov. 8

No-censorship policy means all films being shown

BUFF (Beacon Underground Film Festival) will have their second annual underground film festival at 7 p.m. on Saturday, Nov. 8, at Beacon Yoga, 464 Main St. in Beacon. The festival features area filmmakers and video artists as well as amateurs and experimental dabblers. Admission is $5, for adults 18 and over only, and all proceeds go to Beacon Yoga.

Co-founder of the festival Jim Cypher stated: “This thing is free speech the way your hippie mom used to make. Hot, spicy, fresh and a little confusing. With no judges, juries or curators, we have managed to negate the censorship that hobbles other local film festivals.” This year’s festival has been dedicated to the late Pete Seeger.

All submissions to the Beacon Underground Film Festival were accepted and are being showcased with a no-censorship policy. All styles and genres were accepted with no limit on theme or content. Film and videos less than 15 minutes in length were given priority. The overhead costs are being underwritten by the Beaconite Group (, the free, unfiltered online voice of Beacon since 1998.

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