Haldane/P.V. Track and Field Earns Medals in League Championships

Combined team compete in 31 events

By Peter Farrell

It may have been cold outside, but it was hot inside the New Balance Track and Field Center located in the New York City Armory last Sunday (Jan. 11), as the combined Haldane/Putnam Valley track and field team made a strong showing in the league championships.

A total of 36 Haldane/Putnam Valley athletes competed in 31 events, capturing 15 medals and establishing Haldane School records in three events. Coached by AJ McConville, Lauren Haines and Philip Keating, the girls finished fourth out of seven schools and the boys finished third out of seven schools.

Medal winners and Haldane School records were captured in the following events:


4×800 relay – 2, 11:12.47, Ruby McEwen, Alexandria Sharpley, Angel Zhang, Kaitlyn Philips (medal, Haldane School record)

4×400 relay – 2, 4:57.87, Tobey Kane-Seitz, Ashley Haines, Michaela Khadabux, Lila Osborn (medal)

Haldane runners Ruby McEwen, left, Kaitlyn Philips, at top, and Alexandria Sharpley in New York City on Jan. 11.

Haldane runners Ruby McEwen, left, Kaitlyn Philips, at top, and Alexandria Sharpley in New York City on Jan. 11.

1,000 – 1, Kaitlyn Philips, 3:22.30 (medal)

600 – 1, Ruby McEwen, 1:51.76 (medal)

1,500 – 2, Ruby McEwen, 5:22.50 (medal)

Long jump – 1, Michaela Khadabux, 14-3.75 (medal)

Shot put – 2, Adele Westerhuis, 26-10 (medal)


4×200 relay – 4, 1:44.88, Corbett Francis, John Swartzwelder, Cooper Nugent, Brian Haines (Haldane School record)

4×800 relay – 3, Adam Silhavy, Conor Van Riper, Nick Farrell, Jonathan Clemente (Haldane School record)

4×400 relay – 3, Seth Warren, Max Silverman, John Swartzwelder, Trevor Van Brunt (Haldane School record)

Haldane runners Nick Farrell, left, Theo Henderson, at top, and Seth Warren in New York City Jan. 11.

Haldane runners Nick Farrell, left, Theo Henderson, at top, and Seth Warren in New York City Jan. 11.

3,200 – 3, Adam Silhavy, 11:37.75 (medal)

1,600 – 2, Nick Farrell, 5:03.95 (medal)

1,000 – 3, Nick Farrell, 2:47.40 (medal & Haldane School record)

600 – 3, Jonathan Clemente, 1:31.66 (medal)

Shot put – 2, Bryce Hamilton, 39-1.50(medal)

Shot put – 3, Gledis Canaj, 37-1 (medal)

Photos by P. Farrell

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  1. Great job Katie! It’s too bad we can’t get a real track for our teams to run on. A real shame we are not able to do the right thing for ALL teams at Haldane.