Animal Program at Butterfield Library Launches Summer Reading Program

‘Every Hero Has a Story’ features skink, frogs, chinchillas and more

Some interesting and unusual envoys — from their own Animal Embassy — will visit Butterfield Library at 11:30 Thursday morning (June 25) to help reveal how “every hero has a story,” including nonhumans.

Geared toward children age 4 and up, a presentation on Heroes of the Animal Kingdom, described as an “interactive, educational and entertaining program,” will introduce young participants to “a diversity of animals who lead heroic lives,” as the library sponsors explain: “While firefighters, doctors, librarians and police officers are heroes who work to enrich our lives and support us, animals too are heroes that help us as well as each other.”

Children will learn how some tortoises dig burrows that provide homes for hundreds of other species during at least one stage of their life cycles, how a variety of animals keep humans healthy by eating disease-carrying insects, how some animals dig trenches for their offspring, how others adopt orphaned babies, and how animals help to plant forests and fruit trees. They will also get a chance to meet a Solomon Islands monkey-tailed skink, a red-foot or sulcata tortoise, green- or red-eyed tree frogs, an African bullfrog, a bull snake, chinchillas, a Chilean rose hair tarantula and, perhaps, an eclectus parrot or a peahen.

Animal Embassy, an organization based in Stamford, Connecticut, uses an array of engaging animals to foster appreciation of the natural world.

When Thursday’s program concludes, children also will be able to sign up for the library’s summer reading initiative, and all registrants will receive a free book.

Those interested in the event can register by calling 845-265-3040 or via the library website,

Butterfield Library is located at 10 Morris Ave. (Route 9D), in Cold Spring.

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