Letter: More Transparency from Town Board

I would like to publicly thank board members Nancy Montgomery and Michael Leonard for voting no on the June 10 vote to approve a change order for the South Mountain Pass drainage project. Both indicated that they would have liked more discussion by both the board and the public concerning this issue. The board ultimately voted 3-2 on the change order thereby approving more than $250,000 to be spent on a project that most residents living on the road fear will then lead to 2,400 feet of paving. This majority of residents living on South Mountain Pass presented the board with a petition indicating we were against this project several weeks ago — when we first learned of the possible outcome of paving after the drainage project completion.

The fact that at an October budget workshop approximately $5,000 was adopted by this board for in-house drainage work on South Mountain Pass and has now morphed into $250,000 is what is so hard to understand. We feel that this was done without the road’s residents’ knowledge and participation in the process.

If it wasn’t for the Old Road Society alerting us to what was seemingly taking place — all of this would have moved forward without our knowledge and ultimate attempts at participation by the folks most directly affected by this — the residents of the road.

We are asking for the opportunity to present sound, tested, state-of-the-art alternate methods for maintaining the road. And for all dirt roads for that matter. And we would like transparency and better communication by the board with the residents of the road from this point on — concerning the outcome of this project. The air should be cleared and civil discourse take place. This would be good for the board, the town and the residents of the road.

Joyce Blum

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