Cold Spring Sets Curbside Leaf Pickups

Scheduled for Nov. 18 and Nov. 25

The Cold Spring Highway Department will pick up leaves, yard debris and brush at curbside on Wednesday, Nov. 18 and Wednesday, Nov. 25. Place leaves in plastic or paper bags and place at curbside on Tuesday evening. Do not mix garbage with leaves. Brush should be tied with string in manageable lengths not to exceed 4 feet.

It's a sure sign that fall is moving on as a workers from Cold Spring-based Habitat Revival battles a formidable pile of autumn leaves on the grounds of Garrison's Desmond-Fish Library.  (Photo by Michael Turton)

It’s a sure sign that fall is moving on as a workers from Cold Spring-based Habitat Revival battles a formidable pile of autumn leaves on the grounds of Garrison’s Desmond-Fish Library.  (Photo by Michael Turton)

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