Butterfield Plans Mystery for Teens

Middle-school students invited to play along

The Butterfield Library in Cold Spring will host a “Find the Spy Mystery Game” on Saturday, Feb. 6 for Philipstown students in the sixth to eighth  grades. The 90-minute event starts at 6:30 p.m. at the library, at 10 Morris Ave. The event was rescheduled from Jan. 23 due to weather.

Here’s the plot: Cornelia Crimson has stolen something from you that you hold very dear to your heart. She will plant a spy among the invited guests and pose a series of challenges to conquer in order to receive clues about the spy’s identity. The one who guesses the spy will leave the castle as the heir or heiress of the Crimson estate! The game includes three rounds with challenges to test intellectual strength, teamwork and physical agility.

To register and receive your character, visit the calendar at butterfieldlibrary.org and click on the event name. Call 845-265-3040 for more information.

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