Trustees to Tackle Daunting Budget Cycle

Cold Spring board will set plans for 2016-17

By Michael Turton

The Cold Spring Village Board is about to begin drafting the 2016-17 budget. The task is especially challenging this year because the state-imposed tax cap limits spending to a 0.01 percent increase. At the same time, some village costs such as employee health insurance will undoubtedly increase more than the cap.

Those who favor moving the village election from March to November argue that the shift in date would give board members, especially those newly elected, more time to consider budget options. This year’s election is on March 15. The board must finalize the new budget by April 29.

The accompanying graph illustrates village spending in 2014-15, the most recent complete budget year. Expenditures shown are for the general fund and do not include Water and Sewer department which is budgeted separately. Some categories shown have been combined and expenditure totals have been rounded.

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Category notes

Admin/Village Hall
Includes mayor and trustee stipends, staff wages, building inspector wages, office utilities, supplies and computer support

Includes polices officers and crossing guard wages, vehicle and other expenses and computer support

Includes highway department employee wages, vehicle and equipment maintenance, paving, snow removal, sidewalk repair, streetlight electric cost and Main Street Project

Includes park maintenance and Christmas lighting

Employee benefits
Includes police and village employee pensions, fire service awards, social security and Medicare, health and dental insurance

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