Five students will receive hands-on training

Glynwood Farm has recruited two livestock and three vegetable apprentices for the season as part of its Farmer Training program, which includes both hands-on training on the 225-acre farm and classroom education. On Thursday, June 9, their work will be showcased at a farm dinner in which they will be the guests of honor.

Kyle Woehrle, Lexi Burko, Glynwood Director of Farmer Training Dave Llewellyn, Ali Mitchell, Charles Carrier and Caitlin Keller (photo provided)
Kyle Woehrle, Lexi Burko, Glynwood Director of Farmer Training Dave Llewellyn, Ali Mitchell, Charles Carrier and Caitlin Keller (photo provided)

The apprentices this year are Kyle Woehrle, a Boston University graduate with a degree in marine science; Lexi Berko, who attended Delaware Valley College for Conservation and Wildlife Management and spent four years working at a certified organic vegetable farm in Pennsylvania; Ali Mitchell, a graphic designer from Los Angeles who was most recently assistant farm manager at Living Roots Ecovillage in Indiana; Charles Carrier, who is pursuing a degree in agroecology from Sterling College in Vermont; and Caitlin Keller, who has a bachelor’s degree in English from UCLA and a master’s in food systems from NYU.

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