The City of Beacon plans to sell a million-dollar view at cost for yet another towering development project, the third in this quadrant (Beacon Sells Land for New Affordable Housing, Oct. 7). How will this impact the linkage district, the historic overlay and the scenic vistas?

If we allow development of this parcel it will become just another nondescript section of roadway along the Route 9D corridor versus the majestic beauty we know — the same vistas that inspired the Hudson River school artists more than a century ago.

How will it fit into Beacon’s comprehensive plan update? Affordable housing for artist and creatives should be developed but not at this location. How tall will these buildings be? How large will the setbacks and footage be from the neighboring historic church designed by Frederick Clarke Withers and built in 1859? The church and its cemetery were added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1988.

Which brings up another good point, the other construction project on Beekman Street on the other side of City Hall should be brought to a halt because it’s undermining the same burial grounds, exposing vaults and graves.

If Beacon sells this property, residents should have more say on how it’s developed and how the building will fit in with our city when completed. We need to be partners in these plans. Just because the city can sell of its vacant properties doesn’t mean it should. We need to be proactive and keep the integrity of this historic city intact.

Theresa Kraft, Beacon

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