After 20 Years, Library Holds Final Autumn Reception

Director says Butterfield needs to “change things up”

by Anita Peltonen

On Saturday, Nov. 12 the Butterfield Library in Cold Spring went dark after an early closing. But at sunset, it lit up again as locals and literary figures — Pippi Longstocking and the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo — arrived for a unique fundraiser, the “All’s Well That End’s Well 20th & Final Autumn Reception.”

Final? “Every once in a while you need to change things up,” said director Gillian Thorpe.

At one time the event raised more than $10,000 but in recent years has dropped considerably. This year she expects the event will bring in $4,000. “We use to do the trip raffle during this event, but we did the Crazy Calendar in September [a daily drawing that including prizes such as a Mexican vacation], which raised about $2,000.”

Thorpe said the library needs to raise $15,000 annually from fundraisers to “keep costs to the taxpayers down, while continuing our level of service to the community.”

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