Taking it to the Street

by Anita Peltonen

How did you meet your Valentine? Who made the first move?
Dorna Lange, New York City (on Beacon dock): “We met 10 years ago working for a nonprofit for kids in Brazil. I definitely made the first move.”
Aljoscha* Bokle: “We hadn’t seen each other for 8 years!”
“I met my boyfriend here at Dogwood when I was working. He gave me his hat, a brimmed one with a feather, and we started dancing.”
~ Emily Drummond, Beacon
Liam Henneberg, Poughkeepsie (on Beacon dock): “We met working at a restaurant in Rhinebeck. It was kind of mutual, but she held my hand first.” Savannah Cosenza, Poughkeepsie: “A few days later, we were lying on the cliffs in Rhinecliff watching the stars and talking.”

And one more:

“My dog Elliot and I met back in May
at a shelter in Brewster. He made the first move.
He walked over and sat down
and looked at me quietly.”
~ Sherie Cordaz, Newburgh

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