New State Laws Going Into Effect

From the office of Sandy Galef, who represents Philipstown in the state Assembly:

Operators and front-seat passengers of taxi and livery vehicles must wear seat belts (A1258/S5749).

Anyone who intentionally obstructs firefighters performing emergency medical care is guilty of a crime (A6756/S1022).

Members of the public may receive notification of rulemaking actions by state agencies electronically (A7092/S5721).

Gov. Andrew Cuomo signs a bill into law (Photo by Kevin Coughlin/Office of the Governor)

Medical facilities must establish policies to identify, assess and provide treatment or referrals for persons who are suspected to be victims of human trafficking and notify social services when the person is younger than 18 years old (A8650/S6835).

Those who perpetrate crimes against community centers, including bomb threats, can be charged with a public-order offense (A7198/S5512).

The use of electronic cigarettes is banned in public places, including schools, workplaces, bars, restaurants and some outdoor areas (A516/S2543).

Pets may be brought aboard public transportation operated by the MTA during a state of emergency and evacuation (A2145/S2589).

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