Project goes far over budget

A plan to expand and upgrade the Dutchess County Stabilization Center, which provides immediate, 24-hour assistance for residents struggling with substance abuse or behavioral problems, has been postponed after an audit found it was far over budget.

According to county Comptroller Robin Lois, the projected cost for the expansion of the building and its services was about $5 million. But by July, the first of two phases to the project had already cost $5.6 million. The county says that higher labor costs account for much of the increase.


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2 replies on “Stabilization Center Project Halted”

  1. And the same politicians who conceived this building are planning to build a new Dutchess County Jail, that they PROMISED would cost no more than $100 million and taxpayers will SAVE money since we will not have to rent space elsewhere. Yeah, right. In the end it will be another boondoggle costing tax payers $300 million to $440 million.

  2. Reading this article and Mr. Symon’s comment would lead one to believe that Dutchess County is being penny-wise and pound-foolish. They gripe about cost overruns at a facility designed to be a bulwark in the fight against addiction and mental illness, but are willing to sink many times that into a new prison!? Don’t they understand that mental illness and addiction lead people into the world of crime and ultimately incarceration?

    The biggest hindrance to recovery that people suffering from these illnesses face is the exorbitant cost of treatment and lack of resources for those who need it. Just for example, a three-day, inpatient detoxification treatment at Mid-Hudson Regional Hospital costs $27,000 to anyone without insurance that covers mental health and addiction. That does not include any follow-up care or treatment.

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