Letter: Serino’s “No” Vote

State Sen. Sue Serino has decided that parroting inflammatory lies of the anti-abortion movement is more important than representing the needs of women in her district. As noted in How They Voted On Abortion Rights, Guns (Feb. 1), the senator voted “no” on the Reproductive Health Act. Her rationale for doing so was disturbing.

The claim by the senator that removing abortion from the criminal code puts women in danger is false and disingenuous. In fact, abortion is healthcare and should be a woman’s decision in consultation with her healthcare provider, not her lawyer or a police officer.

Further, we should continue to charge people who assault pregnant women with assault. The Reproductive Health Act did not change existing laws that punish violence against pregnant women.

Maintaining a criminal charge of abortion would only further stigmatize this safe, common, lifesaving procedure. I am so disappointed in Sen. Serino’s vote and her decision to propagate false information.

Kim Chirls, Cold Spring
Chirls is board chair of the National Institute for Reproductive Health Action Fund.

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