Around Town (Photos)

ENDLESS JOURNEY — A show of sculptures and works by Chanthou “Chakra” Oeur of Philipstown continues at the Rockland Center for the Arts in West Nyack through Nov. 24. The art reflects Oeur’s journey from his native Cambodia during the Vietnam War through the “killing fields” of Pol Pot and to the U.S. (Photo by Ross Corsair)

PEACE AND QUIETCurrent reporter Michael Turton, while visiting Pelton Pond in Fahnestock State Park on Oct. 26 to escape the chaos in Cold Spring, came across this group of Russian-American friends who meet there each fall for a picnic. (Photo by Michael Turton)

CAUGHT WITH THE CURRENT — We noticed on Tuesday that our ad director, Michele Gedney, had disappeared. When we texted her, she said she was in the Highlands. Turns out she meant the Scottish Highlands. (Photo by Rick Gedney)

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