Dr. Richard Geoghean (1954-2019)

Dr. Richard M. Geoghean, 65, of Goldens Bridge, and formerly of Yorktown Heights, died Nov. 12, 2019.

Richard was born Feb. 12, 1954, in Chicago, the son of Dr. Donald and Anna Geoghean. He began his private practice in 1982 with Yorktown Chiropractic and in 1986 moved his practice to Cold Spring. In 1996, he joined with his partner, Dr. Gladys Cardenas, to form a multidisciplinary pain practice.

Besides Dr. Cardenas and her sons, Hugo Vial and Nick Vial (Alison), Richard is survived by his sons, Jacob Geoghean and Benjamin Geoghean, and his grandchildren, Jorge and Penelope. He also is survived by his siblings: Theresa Brezovsky (John), Kathy Doolittle (David), Stephen Geoghean (Dawn) and Eugene Geoghean (Edith).

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