Beacon to Form Citizens’ Committee

Needs volunteers for Main Street initiative

The Beacon City Council is looking for residents and business owners to join a citizens’ committee as part of an initiative to address parking, traffic, transit and pedestrian challenges on Main Street.

Applications can be downloaded at and emailed to [email protected]

One thought on “Beacon to Form Citizens’ Committee

  1. Now they want advice? The Beacon City Council now wants to close the barn door? The horse is not coming back! Their love of the out-of-control developers who believe “parking is not a right” (or needed) for any building they build or are going to be build is shameful.

    Here’s some advice: Call a city emergency on just the water issue alone. Sorry guys, but stop building because we don’t have enough water or infrastructure now or in the future to support your endless building. Parking is a right, and needed. I believe some on the City Council are a little too close to the developers and will carry their water for them, saying the contractors will sue the city. But mark my words, any Council members using that as an excuse for not stopping the building are carrying the largest pail! It’s a lawsuit Beacon can win and save its future. The City Council should listen to the people they represent, almost all of whom want it stopped. Go ahead and take a poll.