Election Update

Because of the COVID-19 shutdown, Gov. Andrew Cuomo has issued several orders delaying elections.

School Trustee and Budget

May 19 June 1 June 9

School votes will be conducted exclusively by absentee ballots mailed to each registered voter. Nominating petitions are no longer required for trustee candidates to appear on the ballot, but they must inform the district clerk by 5 p.m. on May 11.


The seats held by Anthony White, Kristan Flynn and Craig Wolf will be on the ballot. Email District Clerk Kelly Pologe at [email protected] For budget details, see bit.ly/bcsd-budget.


The seats held by Courtney McCarthy, Matthew Speiser and Jocelyn Apicello are open. Email District Clerk Dusti Callo at [email protected] For budget details, see bit.ly/gufs-budget.


One seat, held by Peggy Clements, is open. Email District Clerk Catherine Platt at [email protected] For budget details, see bit.ly/haldane-budget.

Library Trustee and Budget

April 30 → June 1 June 9

The Howland Public Library district vote will be included on absentee ballots distributed by the Beacon school district. There are five seats open. A self-nomination form and budget information are located at beaconlibrary.org under the About tab. The deadline for nominations is 5 p.m. on May 11.

Village of Nelsonville

March 18 April 28 → June 1 → June 23 → Sept. 15

Mayor Michael Bowman, trustees Dave Moroney and Chris Winward, and Justice Court Judge Dennis Zenz are each running unopposed.

Primary elections

April 28 → June 23

The polls will be open, although the state Board of Elections will mail an absentee ballot application to every registered voter. (Check the box for “temporary illness” if you are voting absentee because of concerns about COVID-19.) Early, in-person voting is scheduled for June 13 to 21.

Democrats on the state election commission canceled the presidential primary, but on May 5 a judge ordered the vote reinstated following a challenge by candidate Andrew Yang.

There will be no local primaries in Philipstown. In Beacon, Green and Independence Party voters will decide between Peter Forman and Jessica Segal for those lines for Dutchess County judge, and Serve America Movement party members will select Eric Carter or Peter Bradley for SAM’s state committee line.

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