On the Spot

What’s your middle name – and are you fond of it?

“I love and am proud of my three middle names: Anne Marie Aresdotter.” ~Bo Corre, Cold Spring

“John. I love it because it’s my dad’s and my youngest son’s name.” ~Derek Kisslinger, Philipstown

“Larson, my grandmother’s maiden name. People confuse it with larceny and arson!” ~Cadah Goulet, Cold Spring

One thought on “On the Spot

  1. In 1931, my father was about to graduate from Rutgers. He was sent a card to fill out so that his diploma would correctly reflect his name. There was a space for first, middle and last. As he did not have a middle name, he submitted his first and last, Samuel Reigrod. Rutgers sent the form back requesting he enter his middle name. This happened several times as they would not accept the form with only two names. My father finally capitulated. His father’s name was Morris and he was his son. Back went the card showing him as Samuel Morrison Reigrod. And he used that as his legal name until the day he died.