School and library positions unopposed

Nominations were due this past Monday (May 11) for candidates for local school boards and the Howland Public Library board, and no challengers came forth. Both votes are scheduled for June 9 and will take place by absentee ballot because of social-distancing restrictions.

Seven local school board members will run unopposed to retain their seats: In Beacon, it’s Anthony White, Kristan Flynn and Craig Wolf; in Garrison, Courtney McCarthy, Matthew Speiser and Jocelyn Apicello; and at Haldane, Peggy Clements.

The Beacon board on May 6 voted to remove a resolution from the ballot to purchase school buses.

There are five seats open on the Howland Public Library board, and five candidates. Karen Twohig, Thomas Rigney and Darlene Resling are incumbents and Sean Twohig and Jessica Conway will appear on the ballot to fill two vacant seats.

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