Two More Shops to Close in Cold Spring

Burkelman on its opening day, July 3, 2015.  (File photo)

But a new vintage store opens its doors

Burkelman at 101 Main St. and Bird’s Creations at 49 Main St. plan to close their retail stores, although both sell their products online and Burkelman’s flagship store in New York City will reopen in July.

“It’s been a rough few months for us,” said Burkelman’s co-owner, David Kimelman. “Kevin [Burke] and I both had COVID-19 this spring, which was awful, but the intensity of caring for ourselves and attempting to do distance-learning with the kids, all while trying to keep up with a more than 400 percent increase in online sales, helped us get crystal clear about what’s important to us.

“We had a great five years on Main Street,” he added. “It’s a wonderful community, one where we will continue to reside.” He said the Cold Spring location was “a bit of a personal indulgence that the economic pressures from the pandemic have made untenable.”

Kayla Corona, the owner of Bird’s Creations, said because of the uncertainty around the shutdown, she decided not to renew her lease. Besides her online business, she also is expanding into wholesale and private label and partnering with The Accelerator program of the Orange County Industrial Development Agency for a manufacturing space.

Other retailers have felt the same pressures from the shutdown. The Ellen Hayden Gallery and Arts and Antiques at 40 Main St. closed last month after 34 years, and Meraki is leaving its storefront at 82 Main St. for a smaller space.

At the same time, a clothing store, DamnAged Vintage, opened this past weekend at 109 Main St., the former home of Chickadee Gallery. It is open Thursday to Monday.

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