Before this terrible virus hit, I enjoyed my summers with family and friends, participating in various activities in this area and at the beach in South Carolina. The Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival was always a favorite, as well as the Philipstown Depot Theater, Yankee games, meeting friends for dinner — you get the idea.

This summer these activities were not available, but there are a couple things that I have enjoyed and which give me something to look forward to.

The first is the monthly column in The Current, Looking Back in Philipstown. The gleanings from the past are fascinating and, since I’ve lived here for nearly 40 years, I remember some of the more recent events. The most interesting part is that so many of the names are the ancestors of people we know and see in Philipstown, including Robinson, Clark, Phillips and so many others.

The second is the “song of the day” posted on Facebook by Russ Cusick. For anyone not aware of this special treat, Russ is an artist and musician who lives in Philipstown and who sings a song to entertain us and to help us get through these trying times. His voice is wonderful, and he chooses great songs and always ends with a short pep talk.

I’d like to also thank Nancy Montgomery for representing us on the Putnam County Legislature. The disrespectful and rude way that she has been treated by her fellow legislators is appalling. I admire and appreciate her efforts on behalf of all of us in Philipstown.

Finally, I’d like to wish Kathleen Foley good luck in her campaign for the Cold Spring Village Board. She has done an excellent job on the Historic District Review Board and will, I’m sure, be an incredible addition to the Village Board.

Candy Zgolinski, Cold Spring

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