Letter: Dangerous Intersection

I had the opportunity to observe the intersection of Main Street, Tioronda Avenue and Churchill Street for more than 10 hours on two consecutive Sundays (Sept. 21 and 27).

During that time, I witnessed a number of near-accidents involving both cars and pedestrians. This intersection has been a problem for years, and multiple traffic studies have been done and recommendations made for traffic-calming measures, including a stop sign on the corner of Tioronda and Main in front of the Howland Cultural Center. Both residents and visitors to our city do not slow down at “the bend,” and it is only a matter of time before a tragedy occurs.

Additionally, on Sept. 27, which was Spirit of Beacon Day, there was a profusion of trash and other detritus overflowing the two trashcans on the north side of the street. Alcoholic beverage containers, coffee cups, pizza boxes, etc., piled up in the trash cans and on the street. It might be worth looking at how to mitigate that, as well. It was like nothing I’ve ever seen before, and unfortunately right in front of the Cultural Center. It looked like to me as if there is very little attention paid, care taken or pride in our city. We need to do better.

Kelly Ellenwood, Beacon

One thought on “Letter: Dangerous Intersection

  1. Is this a litter problem? How does overflowing trash cans make the intersection a safety hazard? I have been driving through that intersection for 40 years and I don’t see a problem except on weekends when the city is loaded up with visitors who think they are at Disney World. All the locals know to use caution when driving thru there. So be careful out there on weekends.