Judge Denies Restraining Order

Allows telecom firm to begin cutting trees for tower

A federal judge on Thursday (March 25) denied a request by opponents of a 95-foot cell tower planned in Nelsonville for a temporary restraining order to prevent trees from being cut down on the site.

The residents argued that removing trees posed a risk of “irreparable damage to the environment,” a “potentially endangered species” of bat, and the “bucolic nature” of the area. They also claimed that Homeland Towers has not yet proven that it can legally access the site for construction, a matter under review by a state court.

If the telecom firms lose that lawsuit or another pending in state court, they “will not be able to build a cell tower on Rockledge Road and they will cut down the trees for nothing,” the residents said in a statement.

One thought on “Judge Denies Restraining Order

  1. This is really sad and very bad. I had so hoped that opponents would be successful in preventing this horrible cell tower.