It Must Be True … I Saw it on the Internet!


The Village of Cold Spring gave Brownie Girl Scout Troop 1091 the OK to clean up Tots’ Park on March 25 in anticipation of its reopening. “They wiped down all the equipment, pulled out weeds and cleared the brush,” said Nancy Bowden. “These girls are very hardworking. I am so proud of them.”


On Saturday (March 27), Micheal Faison brightened the day of passersby on Main Street in Beacon. Stephanie Dignan, who posted a video of his performance, wrote: “I turned my car around to go back and give him a tip. He was killing it! I couldn’t help but dance with him.”

parcel flower

Less than a year after opening an outpost at Vera’s market in Philipstown, The Parcel Flower Co. has expanded with a move to 3052 Route 9. (Photo by Sam Broe)

tiniest gallery

Beacon’s Tiniest Gallery has opened at Happy Valley Beacon on Main Street. The art is free but must be replaced with another piece. Matthew Ambrosini, Darya Golubina, Evan Samuelson and Lukas Milanak modeled the initiative after Stacy Milrany’s Free Little Art Library in Seattle. They recommend “keeping your imagination wild but your art to 8 inches tall.”

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