It Must Be True … I Saw It on the Internet!

On April 10, the fourth-grade “Hot Pockets” of Philipstown Cub Scout Pack 137 visited the Garrison Volunteer Ambulance Corps. Chief Derek Tudor showed them around the facility and taught them about the job of an EMT, what they train for, and the equipment they use. The Scouts also took a short ambulance ride.

Diana Selber, a teacher at Glenham Elementary School in Beacon, celebrated having all her students back in the classroom on April 6 with a balloon at each socially-distanced desk. “It was a GREAT day back with ALL our students!” she wrote on Twitter. “My Red heart was so full and all our smiles were so BIG, even under our masks!”

This seal was spotted in the vicinity of Manitou Station on April 6. Chris O’Neill, who posted a video on Facebook, said the state Department of Environmental Conservation told him it was “a yearling harp seal, which is an arctic species. It appears in good condition and exhibiting normal resting behavior.”

Box Anne, the Hudson Highlands State Park’s ambassador, took to Instagram to remind people to clean up after their dogs and take their bags with them. Discarded bags like the ones in the photo can easily end up in the stream.

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