8 thoughts on “Cold Spring: Foley Elected Mayor

    • “Never cuss in front of women” is an egregious, sexist statement, worse than the point trying to be made. Now let’s see, Foley=$16,826 versus Tamagna = less than $1,000. That is more obscene than cussing in front of a woman, dammit!

  1. Congratulations to the Foley campaign, and a special thank you to outgoing Mayor Merandy for his recent gutter obloquy in such poor form that all but sealed a victory for the opposition. Goodbye and riddance to him and his administration. We may now look forward to a government that people actually admire and support.

    • Ditto Derek! High hopes for creative and inclusive leadership responsive to and respectful of others! A good new day!

  2. As the Village of Cold Spring election season ends, the campaign signs come down and we transition from one administration to the next, I wanted to take the time to simply say thank you. Being an elected official in any community is not easy and, in a small village, the role has its own unique challenges. It’s important to step back and recognize the hard work people do, no matter our political opinions.

    Thank you, Fran Murphy! I only had the pleasure of meeting you firsthand for a long conversation recently, but I came away impressed. Your no-nonsense, thorough thought process is impressive. You gave a lot to the village and your reputation is well-earned.

    Thank you, Marie Early! Details, details, details. A person after my own heart. If technology suddenly disappeared, we could count on Marie to sit down with a legal pad and pencil, recreating the village code and budget in no time. Your institutional knowledge of the village is important and I enjoy hearing you share your experience and insight.

    Thank you, Dave Merandy! OK, I’m going to just get it out there. You can, at times, be a handful and I’m sure you’d be the first to admit it. But there aren’t many of us who have dedicated that much time and energy over so many years to our greater good.

    We worked on a lot of projects together in many different venues which many aren’t aware of. Our community has a great turf athletic field due to many people, but back in 2006 it all got started with the first Haldane Building & Grounds Committee. You were there to help cut through the politics and personalities, which allowed later groups to succeed. You screamed (literally) that it was unacceptable for Haldane to have leaky roofs and a blacktop area mimicking the Sahara desert when funds were available to fix them. It got done.

    Many don’t know it was your idea to start a Board of Education Haldane Fine Arts Committee to give our talented student artists the recognition and accolades they deserve. The concept now is a given; it wasn’t always. I hope you get a break and spend some quality time with your family. It is beyond well-deserved.

    As we transition forward, patience and practicality will be needed for the greater good. I thank our departing public servants and wish nothing but the best to our incoming team. The village has a lot of heart; that’s always a great place to start.