Candidates are listed in alphabetical order. In the general election,  you can vote for any candidate you wish, regardless of party registration.


Proposal No. 1: A Proposition
To address and combat the impact of climate change and damage to the environment, the Clean Water, Clean Air and Green Jobs Environmental Act of 2022 authorizes the sale of state bonds up to $4.2 billion to fund environmental protection, natural restoration, resiliency and clean-energy projects. Shall the Environmental Bond Act of 2022 be approved?


U.S. Senate
Joe Pinion (R, C)
Charles E. Schumer (D, WF)
Diane Sare (LaRouche)


Governor/Lt. Governor
Kathy Hochul/Antonio Delgado (D, WF)
Lee Zeldin/Alison Esposito (R, C)

Thomas DiNapoli (D, WF)
Paul Rodriquez (R, C)

Attorney General
Michael Henry (R, C)
Letitia James (D, WF)

State Senate (District 39)
Rob Rolison (R)
Julie Shiroishi (D, WF)

State Supreme Court, 9th District (Vote for 7)
The 9th District (of 13) covers Dutchess, Putnam, Orange, Rockland and Westchester counties. Judges serve a 14-year term.

John Ciampoli (R, C) – Private practice
Robert Cypher Jr. (R) – Private practice, former Rye judge
Sherri Eisenpress (D, C) – Rockland Family Court
Joseph Farca (R) – Private practice
Keri Flore (D) – Support magistrate, Cortlandt Manor
Elena Goldberg-Velazquez (D, C) – Yonkers City Court
Michael Grace (R) – Former Yorktown supervisor
Richard Guertin (R) – Middletown City Court
Anne Minihan (D, C) – Westchester County Court
Linda Murray (R) – Court attorney, Poughkeepsie
Amy Puerto (D) – Court attorney, Westchester
John Sarcone III (R, C) – Private practice, Croton
David Squirrell (D) – Putnam Legal Aid Society
David Zuckerman (D, C) – Westchester Supreme Court


U.S. House (District 17)
Mike Lawler (R, C)
Sean Patrick Maloney (D, WF)

State Assembly (District 95)
Stacy Halper (R, C)
Dana Levenberg (D, WF)

Putnam County Executive
Kevin M. Byrne (R, C)

Putnam County Clerk
Michael C. Bartolotti (R, C)

Putnam County Coroner (Vote for 2)
John Bourges (R, C)
Michael Nesheiwat (R, C)

Highway Superintendent
Adam Hotaling (D)


Trustees (Vote for 2)
Laura Bozzi (Good Neighbors)
Tweeps Woods (Service)


U.S. House (District 18)
Pat Ryan (D, WF)
Colin Schmitt (R, C)

State Assembly (District 104)
Jonathan Jacobson (D, WF)

Dutchess County Sheriff
Jillian Hanlon (D, WF)
Kirk Imperati (R, C)

Party Key:   D = Democratic  |  R = Republican  |  C = Conservative  |  WF = Working Families


For Beacon
Fishkill Town Hall
807 Route 52

For Philipstown
North Highlands Firehouse
504 Fishkill Road

SAT 29: 9a – 5p
SUN 30: 9a – 5p
MON 31: 8a – 4p (Beacon)
MON 31: 9a – 5p (Philipstown)
TUES 1: Noon – 8p
WED 2: 9a – 5p
THURS 3: Noon – 8p
FRI 4: 9a – 5p
SAT 5: 9a – 5p
SUN 6: 9a – 5p


The deadline to request an absentee ballot by mail or other means has passed, although you can apply in person at the county Board of Elections through Nov. 7. Absentee ballots must be postmarked by Nov. 8.

Voters who have been issued an absentee ballot may no longer vote in person on a machine, regardless of whether the ballot was submitted. However, a voter who requested an absentee ballot but did not return it can complete an affidavit ballot at the polls.


The deadline to register to vote in the 2022 general election has passed. To verify you are registered and locate your polling place, visit


The state attorney general on Oct. 28 issued guidance for local Boards of Election and law enforcement agencies on what’s illegal at polling places in New York, including:

■ Individuals or groups patrolling outside and trying to scare people out of line.
■ Civilians dressed as law enforcement officers and harassing voters.
■ “Poll watchers” sent by political parties engaging in aggressive behavior or challenging groups of voters and/or creating false concerns that people are voting illegally.
■ Poll watchers standing in the vicinity of voter privacy booths or in other unauthorized areas; videotaping and/or photographing voters; or following or harassing voters.
■ Individuals or groups displaying weapons or military uniforms or other military paraphernalia outside of polling locations to intimidate or harass voters.
■ Requiring an individual to show a photo ID to vote.

The attorney general created a hotline at 866-390-2992 for voters to report violations.

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2 replies on “Here Are Your Choices”

  1. I voted early today in Putnam County. I was very pleased to see, as I looked around my polling place, that there were no signs of voter fraud or election tampering going on. None obvious, anyway. I was very relieved to see that, since, as we all know Trump and many other Republicans are claiming that rampant rigging of elections is going on.

    I asked the poll workers if there was any fraud or corruption going on and they said, “No! Absolutely not here in Putnam County.” Maybe it’s just Putnam County that is clean as snow and the rest of the nation is a cesspool of election fraud and corruption as Trump and others of his ilk would like us to believe.

    I can’t wait for the results to start coming in. When the Republicans are found to be winning, it will be as it should be. But when Democrats are found to be winning it will be: “Rigged!” “Massive fraud!” “Corrupt Democrats fixing the election!” I can’t wait for the poison to start flowing.

  2. A million thanks to The Current for another great season of covering all the issues, candidates, events and propositions that a voter needs to stay informed. What invaluable, comprehensive work; regardless of which candidates win this year, democ-racy wins another day when voters can turn to reliable journalism like this.

    Neighbors, there are hardworking, talented reporters behind every word illuminating this year’s political landscape. Please support The Current in its many vital endeavors.

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