Central Hudson Reports Over 400 Without Power in Philipstown

Central Hudson crews at work

According to Central Hudson’s Storm Central map, over 400 residences in Philipstown remain without power. The website does not provide any specific information regarding which areas will have power restored or when. Anecdotal reports received by Philipstown.info all indicate that “repairs will take several days yet.”

Due to the extreme flooding conditions, we are struggling to assess damage in some of the most heavily impacted portions of some communities  and we’re especially grateful to the municipal crews who are working alongside our field forces to ensure the safety of the public, James P. Laurito, Central Hudson’s president said. Laurito advised customers, particularly those in the hard-hit areas, to make alternate arrangements for shelter due to what will surely be a prolonged restoration effort.

As of 3 p.m. on Monday, there were approximately 87,000 customers remaining without electricity, in locations scattered throughout eight counties. Laurito said preliminary reports from the field indicate that as many as 62 broken poles need to be replaced, 40 of them in Greene County. He also estimated that as many as 800 sections of electric line are down and must be re-strung, noting that the entire electric system of some isolated communities may need to be reconstructed in order to restore service. Central Hudson crews were seen on Main Street, in Cold Spring Monday afternoon, repairing damage in front of the Foundry Cafe. Nearby stores were without power during the afternoon.

6 thoughts on “Central Hudson Reports Over 400 Without Power in Philipstown

  1. I asked a question on another story about the whereabouts of Cold Spring Mayor Seth Gallagher during all of this. I have since learned that he was on vacation in Ireland. I don’t know about you, but if I were elected (and paid) by the people of this Village to secure the safety and well being of the residents and their property, I might have thought about cutting my Guinness Brewery tour a little short. There was plenty of advanced warning regarding this storm and it’s effect on us. Either way at least the other local representatives picked up the slack somewhat by setting up a storm center. True leadership never takes a vacation – a fact that seems lost on leaders on all levels, from Obama to the smallest town.

  2. I can’t get any information from central hudson which is very frustrating. It is 145 tuesday afternoon and I have no idea when my power will be restored. They are not answering the phone or giving any updates on their app the roar of the generator is starting to drive me insane. Power went out saturday night before the storm was even here.

  3. I don’t know if it will work at this point, but I was able to check the status of our outage during the storm and the info was actually accurate.
    If this link:
    does not work, go to Central Hudson’s home page and then click on “Report an Outage/Status”. Once you’re there you can access info by using either your account’s phone number or account number.

  4. I actually don’t think Mr. Barry P is being “snarky” in the slightest.

    After Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans the Bush administration and especially Michael Brown of FEMA were lambasted in the media for the ill planning, response and complete absenteeism during and after the storm. This is really no different, just on a much smaller and local scale.

    In fact I think Mojo Mary hit the nail right on the head when she/he writes:

    “He told me long beforehand that he was going to Ireland to deliver some bagpipes-completely reasonable if you are a pipe maker”.

    Mayor Gallagher may be a bag pipe maker, and a good one at that – but he is a very poor politician, and an extremely poor manager of the human resources of the Village of Cold Spring.

    He should have been there to oversee the Hurricane response efforts and the pre-planning.

    Furthermore, to accuse a local politician of being absent during a storm and “three sheets to the wind” in a local establishment is uncalled for. It would be like someone saying the Mayor was enjoying “whacky tawbacky” the night of the Great Northeaster of 2010, or the Christmas Eve tragedy of 2009.


  5. Yes, the Fire Dept and EMS were fabulous, those who are volunteers, paid or unpaid. A few of us are flooded out of our homes, going back each day to clean up. I well know that Cen Hud is overwhelmed but I will give you my observation. The day following the storm, as the Volunteer Firemen were pumping out our homes, I asked where do I start to get my power restored. I was directed to go to the Cen Hud guys on my road. I walked over to about 6 – 7 men, all standing around having their coffee and donuts/rolls. I was given such a cold shoulder, “it’s not my prob” type attitude as I was told to go to the Fire Dept for help! These are PAID men, they had not the least bit of “emergency” in their attitude like our local Firemen and EMS! They had no compassion at all! God forbid I bother them during their coffee break, it was about 7:30 or 8:00am. The Firemen had no coffee break, the volunteer pumping my house was dying for a cup of coffee, which I could not offer with no power, water or propane. I certainly would have made a pot for all of them. We all have busy lives, issues and problems to deal with and this storm has made our lives more difficult and has displaced a lot of us. These men from Cen Hud need some type of Training to be more compassionate to their fellow man! I will not let this experience foul up my entire outlook on the rest of the public, we do have a lot of caring people out there. These men were a poor example of what Brotherhood should be, the type that exist in our Emergency workers.