Reflecting on 9/11

The airplane attacks and subsequent events of Sept. 11, 2001 were seared into the memories and hearts of many Americans, including residents of Philipstown.

As part of our coverage of the commemoration of the tenth anniversary, we asked a few of our neighbors to share their personal recollections and thoughts with the rest of us.  We invite you to look and listen and to also feel free to add your own perspective. Scroll down and click images to see videos.

Allan Simmons

Matt Donachie

Fran Murphy

Frank Geer

Mary Anne Myers

Frank Ortega

Gordon Stewart

One thought on “Reflecting on 9/11

  1. Thank you for the memories and reflections of those connected to the tragedy that was Sept. 11th. The events of that day forever changed the world in which we live. My thoughts and prayers go out to the victims as well as their heart-broken families and friends. May they find peace of mind and heart.